About Recycle Ball

Turning The Recycle Experience into a Competitive Game 



Recycle Ball is a project we are developing as our 3rd year project at the IDC Media Innovation Lab- miLAB. We were asked by the faculty to build a product that answers an essential human need, while given one main theme to rely on: The Street.

The Need

According to ELA recycling organization, more than 50% of the people in Israel don’t recycle plastic bottles. About 73% of those who don’t recycle say it is because the recycle bin is not close enough to their house. In a poll we conducted the majority of the participants said that the recycling action today is irritating, what makes them delay this action or not do it at all.

The Idea

Turning the current irritating recycle action into a competitive game that gives the user a fun experience that will motivate him to recycle more and will attract new people who don’t recycle to start doing so.


It is like a basketball league for recycle bins.


Watch our concept video:

Our team include 6 students from 3 different disciplines: Computer Science, Communications and Psychology, all studying in the Inter Disciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Guiding us through our work is the miLAB’s faculty: Dr. Oren Zuckerman, Dr. Guy Hoffman and Mrs. Noa Morag.



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